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Month: March 2016

Tips to Help Your Cat When You Move Into a New Home + DIY Decorative Cat Bowl

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Our cats get tons of love, only the best quality IAMS™ food and treats, and of course, the cutest toys and even personalized accessories.There’s just no such thing as “spoiling” when it comes to your pet!  iams-dry-food-drinking-togetherAs a pet owner, I know how important it is for me to make the best decisions for them, especially pertaining to their health and well-being because at some point in their lives, cats can experience common issues such as hairballs, poor oral health, or even digestive issues. Since they can’t talk to tell us when they’re uncomfortable, it’s up to us, their owners, to seek out the solutions that can help prevent such issues from occurring. iams-dry-foodIAMS™ new reformulation of their cat treats and wet and dry foods, allows cat owners to customize their cat’s nutrition through a well balanced lifestyle. iams-paw-the-treatsWe always pick up whatever our pets need on the Pet Care aisle at Walmart. They have a huge selection of pet toys, pet beds, and we found our favorite pet food, IAMS™Proactive Health Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food. IAMS™ also offers functional cat treats by targeting specific dietary needs—Hairball Care, Digestive Health, and Oral Care.iams-dry-food-walmart-pet-aisleAll I know is that my cats can’t keep their paws offf of their IAMS™ dry food bag and the treats! It’s funny how they look just like the kitty model on the bag, too! iams-dry-food-hide-behindWe recently purchased a new home and are slowly transitioning into our new home. We have been very careful to take necessary steps for our cats to adjust to this transition since we only just adopted them at the beginning of the year and have only known our one home. My goal is for them to make the transition to the new home without too much stress or anxiety since it’ll be a new unfamiliar place.

tips-to-help-your-catSo let’s talk about some of my tips for helping your cat make the transition during a move:hold-hands-with-catsTalk them through it – “Cat people” don’t think it’s unusual to do things like hold hand with or talk to their cats. As you begin to start packing things up and getting organized for your move, just talk to them and tell them what you’re doing. They can tell when things are starting to change. Mine even know when I’m just packing a suitcase for an overnight stay away. iams-cat-sit-in-boxesLet them sniff and play with the boxes – Bring the moving boxes into the house early and allow your cat to get familiar with them. Cats love to rub their faces on everything, especially new things. I can guarantee they’ll want to lay on the boxes, sit in them, or even play inside! iams-cat-sit-in-another-boxFind a secure place for your cat on moving day – It is crucial that you find a completely secure place for your cat on your big moving day. In our case, we have a good-sized guest bathroom where we can keep them for a few hours, while the movers are here. Put them in the spot a little ahead of time because they may freak out if they hear unfamiliar voices and/or footsteps of your movers. I have even used the boarding for a day option at the vet before. It kind of depends on your preference, and your cat. iams-cat-brushComfort your cat – It’s important that you comfort your cat before, during, and after the move. Take extra time to play with them and their favorite toys or to do something they like, such as brush their fur. Regardless of how seamless you make a move to a new home, their bound to experience some type of kitty stress. Once they realize you’re there to stay and have their “things” in place, such as pet beds, food and water dishes, all should be happy and familiar again! all-is-right-againDIY-decorative-cat-bowl

personalized-dish-1Here’s a simple tutorial that explains how I made the decorative pet bowl. We use it as our cats’ water dish because they insist on sharing water. You could also personalize food dishes the same way. It’s very simple to do.

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make your decorative pet dish:

  • paper and pencils for sketching the designs
  • 1 plain white ceramic bowl or dish, pre-washed and dried
  • several multi-colored permanent markers with fine tips customized-bowl-supplies
  • a baking sheet
  • paper towels
  • baby wipes

Instructions for decorating your pet dish:

  • Practice designs, drawings and any wording on scratch paper first until you decide on your favorite elements. customized-pet-dish-sketches
  • Draw on the ceramic bowl with the permanent markers, decorating all the way around. 
  • Mistakes can be easily “erased” (prior to baking) using a baby wipe. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel prior to resuming the decorating with pens. customized-dish-decorating
  • Place dish on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • Remove dish from oven and allow to cool down before letting your pet eat or drink from it. 

*Dish should be always hand washed and never placed in the dishwasher.

iams-dry-food-happy-catsWe love our cats to the moon and back! Can’t you tell? How many cats do you have in your home? Have you checked out IAMS™ newly formulated food and treats yet? My cats love them!



Plan Easter Brunch From the Palm of Your Hand With Evite!

I was compensated by Evite for my time in developing this post. All opinions are 100%  my own.

Spring is my favorite time of year! I love hearing the chirps of baby birds and getting to wear my new sundresses and sandals excites me too! (Ok, technically we can do that year-round, here in California.) All of the bright flowers in bloom make me happy! evite-easter-brunch-spring-bloomsPlanning a get-together for Easter is always fun for me to do too, because I enjoy any excuse to get together with friends and family. This year, Easter just kind of snuck up on me and although I’m great at pulling things off at the last minute, I was grateful to discover that Evite has an app for my iPhone! I downloaded it and within minutes, I had the information for our Easter Brunch filled out and an adorable family party invitation sent from my phone to my favorite “Peeps”! (aka my friends and family) evite-spring-brunch-appEvite offers free and premium cards that you can customize. It’s is the perfect solution for busy people on the go, which are probably most of us. When I plan a get-together, I like to carry the theme through, beginning with the invitation and extending throughout the details of the party. How adorable is the design I picked? evite-sunday-brunch-options

our-sunday-brunch-eviteOne of the conveniences I love about using Evite is that it allows me to check the status of the RSVPs, so I can plan better when I go shopping for our Easter Brunch. There’s also an option to add a feature that guests can sign up to bring something, if you’re planning a potluck type of party. It eliminates 5 different people all showing up with a gelatin salad! (Let’s hope NO ONE shows up with one of those though!) It’s such a great way to keep organized! easter-brunch-evite-dressWe are really looking forward to our Easter Brunch. Easter egg hunting, delicious brunch food, bottomless mimosas, pretty Easter attire, but mostly getting to create more holiday family memories together! easter-brunch-evite-butterfliesWhat are your plans for this Easter? Have you thought about organizing your Spring get-together with an Evite? It’s a great resource!


Mom Talk: 5 Things I’m Doing For ME Now + Free Daily Printable

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveDoveFruits #CollectiveBias dove-fruit-and-nuts-5-things-im-doing

At the start of the new year, I met with a life coach and have worked really hard to make some changes to the way I divide up my time and energy. I made a promise to myself, to start doing more for me and doing more to take care of me.. I also learned not to be so hard on myself and to realize that it’s ok not to get everything on my never-ending “to do” list done before taking care of me. It’s also OK to reward myself daily.  One of the ways I like to reward myself is with a small treat each day and my latest favorite snacks are the DOVE® Chocolate Fruit & Nut . Have you tried these yet? I found these different varieties on the candy aisle at Walmart:

  • DOVE® Dark Chocolate Strawberry & Cocoa Almond
  • DOVE® Dark Chocolate Blueberry & Vanilla Cashew
  • DOVE® Dark Chocolate Raspberry & Honey Roasted Almond
  • DOVE® Dark Chocolate Cranberries
  • DOVE® Dark Chocolate Blueberries
  • DOVE® Dark Chocolate

I still can’t decide which is my favorite!reward-yourself-dailydove-fruits-candy-aisleThey’re all really yummy and something I enjoy in moderation each day. They combine the wellness benefits of dark chocolate with fruits while satisfying my craving for something sweet and keep me in line with my goals for the New Year. dove-fruit-and-nuts-in-my-hands

Trying to keep up with being a mom and working a full-time job, in addition to all of life’s other things that keep me busy, is a lot to juggle. I feel like on most days, I fail at fitting it all in. I find myself doing everything for everyone else at home or at work and leaving very little time to take care of me. I will totally admit that in the last few years, I’ve gotten in the habit of practicing “Mom Self-Neglect” on myself. I know there are other moms like me who can relate. What happens is that I’m left at the end of the day with zero energy or extremely exhausted and a feeling unaccomplished.

dont-practice-mom-self-neglectI started using a daily printable (see below to print out your own copy)  to keep track of my days.dove-fruits-desk I keep it nearby on a clipboard.. It allows me to see my accomplishments, no matter how small they are, as well as look back on previous days to see how well I’m doing.  each-day-is-a-new-chance-to-beginOne of the strategies I discussed with the life coach was treating each day as a new beginning. It’s hard to make changes and sometimes I feel like I want to be perfect, so when I’m less than perfect, it makes me feel frustrated. By starting fresh each day, it’s a new chance to achieve the goals. Reward yourself.

Here are 5 little things I’m working on improving this year: 

Drink More Water – I seriously need to drink more water! I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to do this but I know I’d feel better if I did it. There are just so many benefits to drinking a lot of water. On some days, I actually find myself carrying around a water bottle around and not even drinking it!  I set a goal of 6 small water bottles a day, so I’m keeping track with tally marks.
Eat Better – One of my biggest downfalls, is failing to prepare food and snacks for myself. To be perfectly honest, sometimes I’m just too busy to pack my own lunch and opt to just skip a meal or grab something on the go, which isn’t always the best option. Carrying more snacks with me to eat during the day is a goal for me.
Get Movin’ – Although I am active at my job and am constantly on the go, I need to make an effort get out walking or to the gym to do some cardio, even if it’s just for 30 minutes a day or so. There are many benefits to exercising regularly.
Take Time For Me EVERY Day – It’s important to set time aside for yourself each day, even if it’s just 20 or 30 minutes to read or watch TV or do something you enjoy, which allows you to unwind. Ultimately, this makes you feel like you’ve done something for yourself.
Acknowledge the good in every day  Since I’ve taken on the viewpoint that each day is a chance to start again, I’m also trying to think about the good in each day, no matter how small it may be. It’s helpful to write down something positive that happened or that I did on my log. dove-fruit-and-nuts-in-my-hands

So far this year, I feel like my new outlook, along with my daily log, has really helped me stay more positive and keep more focused. It’s nice to be able to look back and see that I actually have accomplished things on a daily basis. The link to this free printable is right below the image.

daily-printable-logPrint out this free printable by clicking here.

So, what are you doing to take care of yourself? Have you set any goals this year for your own well-being? Have you tried the DOVE® Chocolate Fruit & Nut yet? To print out a coupon, click here. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

The Disney Parks Egg-stravaganza Was SO Much Fun!

We were super “egg-cited” to fit a trip to Disneyland Resort into our schedule this weekend, specifically to do the 2016 Egg-stravaganza Easter Egg Hunt! This family friendly, hunt for special hidden “eggs” , themed to Disney characters, is another fun way create memories on your visit to the Resort. As you discover each egg, you record your findings by placing the corresponding sticker on the specially themed Egg-stravaganza map (which are available for purchase) to represent that location. At the end of your hunt, you may return to any redemption center with your map and collect your special Disney “surprise”. disney-eggstravaganza-mapThis year, there are 3 different Egg-stravaganza maps (and hunts) to choose from at the Resort.  Maps, which come with the stickers, can be purchased for $5.95, plus tax. There are no discounts for these. You can find the 2016 Egg-stravaganza maps at the following parks and locations:

  • Disneyland park – Disneyana, Disney Showcase, “it’s a small world” Toy Shop, Little Green Men Store Command, Pieces of Eight, Pioneer Mercantile and Stromboli’s.
  • Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co., Humphrey’s Service & Supplies, Off the Page, Oswald’s, Sarge’s Surplus Hut and Treasures in Paradise
  • Downtown Disney District – Anna & Elsa’s Boutique, D Street, Disney Pin Traders, WonderGround Gallery and World of Disney Store
  • Hotels of the Disneyland Resort – Acorns Gifts & Goods, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa; Mickey in Paradise, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel; and Fantasia Shop, Disneyland Hotel

disney-parks-eggstravaganza-on-the-huntWe opted for the one inside Disneyland Park. I purchased 2 maps. Our plan was to use one of them and keep the other as a souvenir. That’s what huge Disney fans like us do.disney-parks-eggstravaganza-we-did-itI’m not going to post a ton of spoilers because that would take away all of the fun for you, I’m just going to list some tips to help you plan a little, in case you’re attempting to fit one of these hunts into your day. The hunt takes you on a search around a good part of Disneyland. It was fairly crowded on the day we visited, since it’s Spring Break, but we had no problem navigating our way around to find the eggs. disney-parks-eggstravaganza-basketAlthough we brought an Easter basket full of mini Tsum Tsums, as backup support, you don’t need one in order to do the hunt. However, it does make for cute pictures, don’t you agree? disney-parks-eggstravaganza-stickersMy daughter insisted we find every single Easter egg, so it probably took a couple of hours, total. She’s 10 years old and was really “into” it so, as you can see, the hunt is a great activity for kids of all ages. The “hidden” eggs are all really cute and we got excited every time we discovered another one! disney-parks-eggstravaganza-tink-eggThis Tink egg is the only egg I”m going to post a picture of because it was my favorite one! (I’m not a fan of spoilers!) disney-parks-eggstravaganza-flowersWhether you choose to hunt for eggs or not, just return with your map to one of these redemption locations: Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure park; Disney Showcase in Disneyland park; World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort before April 2 to pick up your surprise. disney-parks-eggstravaganza-prizesThere are 6 different “surprises” to choose from. (These are the 2 that we chose.) Oh and YES, they let you keep the map afterwards! Yay! disney-parks-eggstravaganza-keep-the-map

disney-parks-eggstravaganza-surprisesI recommend getting there to participate sooner, rather than later, as the maps are only available until March 27, or when supplies last! Have you participated in the Disney Parks Egg-stravaganza before? If not, are you planning to do so this year? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

Joey Chestnut Sets New World Record at Knott’s Berry Farm’s World Boysenberry Pie-Eating Championship

Eaters from across nation competed today at opening day of Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival. They were competing for for a $4,000 prize purse and the title of World Boysenberry Pie-Eating Championship. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, one of the world’s top-ranked competitive eaters, not only defended his title against the top eating talent at the World Boysenberry Pie-Eating Championship, but also set a new world record! Knotts-Boysenberry-Festival-contestLast year, Chestnut ate 14lbs (that’s seven whole pies) of Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Pie in eight minutes, setting a new world record. This year, he broke that record, setting a new world record, eating 14.5 lbs of pie in 8 minutes. Chestnut faced some fierce competition from number-three-ranked Miki Sudo, who has consumed 104 hard-boiled eggs in eight minutes, and Michelle Lesco, the number eight-ranked eater, who has consumed 152 chicken wings in 10 minutes. Joey-Chestnut-and-Miki-Sudo World Boysenberry Pie-Eating Championship kicked off Knott’s 16-day Knott’s Boysenberry Festival with a bang. Here are the final results:

  • 1st – Joey Chestnut 14.5 pounds (New World Record) $2,000 prize
  • 2nd – Steve Hendry 10.25 pounds $1,000 prize
  • 3rd – Miki Sudo 9.5 pounds $600 prize
  • 4th – Michelle Lesco 9 pounds $300 prize
  • Tie for 5th: Rich LeFevre + Justin Mi 8.5 pounds $100 prize – shared.Joey-Chestnut-Winner-Knotts

Clearly, it was an exciting first day at Knott’s Boysenberry Festival for everyone in attendance. Don’t forget to stop by from now until April 3rd to check out over 70 boysenberry food and drink offerings!

Connect with Knott’s Berry Farm on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. Photos are property of Knott’s. 

Dining Options at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California

We recently stayed the weekend at the all-new Great Wolf Lodge Southern California! We had so much fun together as a family, taking full advantage of the indoor waterpark and checking out all of the other attractions they offer. There’s a lot to do at this one stop destination vacation. great-wolf-lodge-dining-family

For me personally, one of the most challenging parts about vacationing is the food. It’s sometimes difficult to find very many healthy options when you’re staying at a resort. I mean, of course you’re on vacation to enjoy and endulge but sometimes eating junkfood for an entire trip just becomes too much. Well, I was completely surprised, in a good way, by the dining options at Great Wolf Lodge! The amount thought and planning that goes on behind the scenes of Great Wolf Lodge with the Executive Chefs is something that I’m excited to tell others about! great-wolf-lodge-dining-produceDuring our stay at the resort, I was invited to “lunch and learn” with Great Wolf Lodge’s Executive Chefs, Chris Hammond and Russ Meeks.. A majority of the people in attendance were moms like me. We all have concerns about the food that goes into our children’s bodies, especially while on vacation. Many moms are not only trying to find the healthiest food choices possible, but also have to worry about challenges such as specific dietary restrictions and food allergies, as relating to their children. great-wolf-lodge-dining-gazpachoWe lunched on a beautiful, fresh salad, some amazing tomato gazpacho, and a delicious wild mushroom risotto. What I learned that afternoon is that every bit of produce included in the lunch we were served, had been sourced from growers within a 30 mile range of the resort. great-wolf-lodge-dining-saladIt’s a very farm-to-table sort of approach they’re trying for at the resort eateries, whenever possible. The Great Wolf Lodge culinary team is doing this at every one of their locations. We learned that one of the resort’s long-term goals is to include a “Great Wolf Garden” at each location, to grown fruits and vegetables right on site. great-wolf-lodge-dining-risottoListening to Chefs Chris and Russ talk about how committed they and the entire culinary team behind the 13 resorts are to providing Great Wolf guests with healthy, real food, as opposed to entire menus of fried foods and junk.great-wolf-lodge-dining-options I love eating not-so-healthy foods from time to time but what Great Wolf offers is completely different and allows the freedom to make the choice. Don’t get me wrong, I love desserts, hamburgers, fries, and pizza, too. You’ll find all of the above when you stay at Great Wolf.

We don’t ever want someone to not be included in a meal because of their allergy. We welcome and embrace it! – Great Wolf Lodge Executive Chef, Chris Hammock


Here are a couple of other facts I learned, relating to food choices at Great Wolf Lodge: 

  • Great Wolf Lodge does not use or serve peanut or tree nut products, but some of their products may be manufactured in facilities that also process nuts.
  • All fryers at Great Wolf are gluten-free, meaning that anything deep fried is safe for someone with that dietary restriction. 
  • The resort always encourages guests to speak to the chef if they have allergy or dietary needs. You will be amazed at how much they care and want to help you out! 


Here are dining options you’ll find at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California: great-wolf-lodge-dining-kitchenThe Loose Moose Family KitchenThis buffet eatery is open for breakfast and dinner. Breakfast offerings include farm fresh eggs, apple wood smoked bacon, signature wolf waffles, and organic yogurts, granolas, fresh fruits and berries. Dinners include a fare of entrées inspired by world cuisine. Along with fresh market salads and fish and seafood from sustainable markets, you’ll find a simply fabulous variety of desserts. 
Lodge Wood Fired GrillSit down dining is offered here for lunch and dinner. The menu includes premium, wood fired steaks, freshly caught seafood and lodge smoked ribs. Start your meal with unique family shareables and crisp market salads and vegetables. Children can choose from kid-friendly favorites like mac ‘n cheese, wings with dips and mouthwatering burgers. Top it all off with a delectable selection of fun, two-dollar desserts and Tiki-inspired cocktails.
Grizzly Jack’s Bar and GrillLocated in the Raccoon Lagoon outdoor pool area, and is typically open Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, weather permitting. (I recommend checking with a Pack Member to find out the exact hours of operation during your stay) Here you can sip a creative cocktail, perfectly paired with a memorable mouthful, made from the freshest, local ingredients you can imagine. From chili lime shrimp to mini Cuban sliders, seared ahi tuna tacos and even oysters on the half shell, regionally motivated cuisine and seasonal selections light up the inspired menu at this open outdoor oasis. great-wolf-lodge-dining-hungry-as-a-wolfHungry As a WolfThis is where you can grab a pizza to go from lunchtime to the wee hours of the night. You’ll find Brooklyn style, hand-stretched pizza, savory Italian and meatball Parmesan sandwiches, garlic cheese bread and freshly made salads fill the menu. Meal time a snap with call-ahead ordering and easy pick-up. Guests can dine-in, take food up to their suite, or even bring it into the waterpark. 
Buckets Incredible CraveablesThis eatery is located right inside the waterpark.Here, you’ll find a full menu of mouthwatering premium burgers, hearty sandwiches and fresh salads and vegetables. And who can resist our signature Tipping Bucket? It’s a family-sized treat layered with ice cream, brownies, cookies, candy, chocolate sauce and whipped cream! great-wolf-lodge-dining-dunkin-donutsDunkin’ Donuts Located in the Grand Lobby, this is everyone’s favorite place to grab coffee (and other goodies) in the morning. *Note: they’re open all day though. In addition to sandwiches, bagels, classic donuts and Munchkins donut holes, you’ll find that your favorite beverages and baked goods accompany the DDSMART Menu, with a host of healthier alternatives. great-wolf-lodge-dining-bear-pawsBear Paws Sweets & Eats –  Here you’ll find freshly brewed coffees, espressos, mochas and lattes. Select something seriously satisfying from a menu of fresh-baked pastries and cupcakes, luscious ice cream and dreamily delectable lodge-crafted fudge. Indulge in nutritious and delicious hand-dipped caramel apples, chocolate strawberries and fresh fruit.

As you can see, there are a ton of choices when you spend your vacation at Great Wolf Lodge. There’s literally something for everyone to choose from. I am content knowing that the culinary team behind the scenes strives to make the experience level as high as possible for their guests!

Connect with Great Wolf Lodge Southern California on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I was invited as a guest of Great Wolf Lodge Southern Calfiornia to attend a the Grand Opening Weekend Celebration in order to write this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Irvine Public Schools Foundation’s 2016 Summer Programs

Irvine Public Schools Foundation’s 2016 Summer Programs is expected to attract more than 5,000 students this year. The programs provide children with an enriching and educational experience during the summer, which helps children avoid the “Summer Brain Drain“. Irvine-Public-Schools-Foundation

Through IPSF’s Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA) K-8, incoming elementary and middle school students will be able to experience a wide range of classes in subjects including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), grade level prep, programming, language arts, performing arts and sports. The fee-based classes will be held at school sites throughout the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD). Children can have fun as they learn throughout the summer with classes such as:

  • Top Chef
  • Angels Science of Baseball
  • LEGO Engineering
  • Anime Creation
  • Video Game Essentials

New this year to the IPSF Summer Enrichment Academy is The Young Americans Camp from July 5 to July 9 at Northwood High School in Irvine. The Young Americans is the world’s largest non-profit youth music advocacy organization with a mission to showcase the importance of students participating in music and the performing arts. This educational music outreach program started 23 years ago and has worked and performed with over 600,000 students. IPSF-summer-classes-2The Young Americans Camp, featuring more than 35 cast members, is designed for students in grades 3-12, who will experience five days filled with classes and workshops in vocal performance, professional dancing, audition skills, improv acting, and songwriting. Campers learn from the cast members who have teaching experience in the U.S., Europe, China, South Africa, and Japan. Campers will also have the opportunity to learn from guest master teachers who are top artists, choreographers, writers, and producers in the performing arts industry. On Saturday, July 9, students will perform in a live variety show for their friends and family. The show features family favorites from Broadway, movie classics, remixed oldies and some of today’s most popular hits. While preparing for this performance, campers will learn tools to grow as an artist and individual. IPSF-summer-classesThis year’s IPSF Summer Enrichment Academy for grades K-8 will be held in three sessions. Session A will be held from June 20 to July 8 (3-week program), Session B from July 11 to July 29 (3-week program), and Session C from June 20 to July 15 (4-week program, grades 7-8 only). One-week August Camps will also be held from August 1 to August 19.

Important Dates – Sessions A, B, and C:

  • Registration will open on Monday March 14, 2016 at 7 a.m.
  • Last day to apply for a scholarship is Wednesday April 27, 2016.
  • Last day for early pricing is Friday April 29, 2016.
  • Last day to register is Friday June 3, 2016.

IPSF’s High School Academic Camps will also be offered in a variety of subjects including math, public speaking, PSAT/SAT/ACT test preparation, performing arts and Latin. A special two-week course called and STEAM Academy: Real World Exploration provides students with the opportunity to go on exciting field trips to local companies that are invested in the success of Irvine students, and the development of Orange County’s technical and professional workforce. Through these field trips, students can explore their future through interaction with innovative employees from companies such as Google, DCI Engineers, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Hoag Orthopedic Institute. The High School Academic Camps will be held from June 13 to July 22 at Northwood High School and Woodbridge High School.

For more information and to register, please go here.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. Images and logos are property of IPSF. 

Collect the New LEGOLAND® California Pop Badges + Ticket Offer

More fun news from LEGOLAND® California Resort! Starting March 19, limited-edition collectible Pop Badges will be made available to guests visiting the parks. They’ll be offered on select days and events during the year.LEGOLAND-pop-badgesA Pop Badge is a badge that pops right on to a lanyard or shirt!  Each time they’re offered, they will be introduced with fun new designs! Collected all of the badges and proudly wear them on your clothes or on an official LEGOLAND® California Resort lanyard. The first collection will be released March 19-20, 2016, but be on the look out because there will be 15 collectible Pop Badges released in 2016! Here’s a sneak peek at the first badges in the collection. How cute are they? I’m dying to get the UniKitty one! legoland-pop-badgesHow do I collect my Pop Badge?
Pop Badges introduce a whole new adventure to the LEGOLAND experience! Upon arrival on any of the select Pop Badge Challenge days guests will receive a booklet with fun activities and challenges. Complete the booklet and you will be rewarded with your very own set of limited-edition Pop Badges! Don’t miss out as they will be issued on a first come first served basis. The first limited-edition Pop Badges are being released on March 19-20, 2016.
Wondering what limited-edition collections you have to look forward to? Be on the look out for the following themes:

  • LEGO® NINJAGO® World
  • LEGO Star Wars Days
  • Independence Day
  • Brick or Treat Party Nights
  • Winter Holidays

splash-into-spring-break.Also, with Spring Break upon us, Legoland is offering an online exclusive price for tickets! Right now, if you buy 1 day, you’ll get 4 days FREE! 

Includes 5 consecutive days of unlimited admission to:

  • LEGOLAND® California
  • SEA LIFE® Aquarium
  • LEGOLAND Water Park

Ticket prices:

  • Adult (ages 13+): $117
  • Child (ages 3-12): $111

*All visits must occur within 5 days of 1st visit. LEGOLAND California closed select Tuesdays/Wednesdays in September, and October. Ticket expires on October 30, 2016.

For more information, or to purchase yours, click here.
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OCTA To Offer Angels Express Bus Service for 2016 Baseball Season

Calling all Angels fans! Great news! Beginning April 4, fans can go directly from Huntington Beach to Angel Stadium. The popular Metrolink service is ready to roll again for the home opener! Baseball fans will have two easy and affordable options for hopping aboard the Angels Express to and from Angels home games this season, now that bus service is being added to complement the already popular rail service direct to the stadium. Angels-ExpressOCTA-Angel-ExpressBoth the Angels Express special Metrolink service and the new Angels Express Bus service will begin transporting baseball fans to the stadium on Monday, April 4, the home opener for the Angels against the Chicago Cubs at 7:05 p.m.  The Angels Express (by rail or bus) allows fans to avoid traffic jams, and save gas and money, by skipping the car trip and parking fees.

Thanks to a $128,500 grant to the Orange County Transportation Authority from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee, Express bus service to the stadium is being added this year. The grant was approved on March 17, just in time for the start of the season. The special Metrolink service has been running since 2011 and, last year, attracted 54,356 boardings during the season, a 24 percent increase over the previous year.

OCTA is excited to offer another option for the Angels Express this year so fans can get to the ballgame by bus or train. They’re ready to welcome back fans of the Angels Express for the new season and encourage new riders to check out a stress-free and affordable way to catch an evening game.

The Angels Express Bus will run from the Goldenwest Transportation Center, 7301 Center Ave. in Huntington Beach, to Angel Stadium, letting passengers off just feet from the stadium’s main entrance. The bus will serve weeknight home games beginning at 7:05 p.m., for a total of 50 games scheduled for the season.

The express bus is intended to serve communities in the west part of Orange County that can’t as readily access rail service, including Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster and Seal Beach. Studies indicate that about 60,000 fans from those areas attended Angels games last season. The goal is to attract more than 9,000 passengers for the season.

The cost to ride the Angels Express Bus will be $2 each way ($4 round trip), with discounts for seniors and passengers with disabilities, and free for children 5 and under when accompanied by a paying adult.

The rail service will run to the Anaheim station, immediately adjacent to Angel Stadium of Anaheim, with service from Los Angeles Union Station and Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo station for weeknight home games that begin at 7:05 p.m.

Service from Riverside is also available for Friday night home games, with a transfer at the Orange train station to Anaheim. Angels Express trains arrive at least 30 minutes before game time and the return trains leave 30 minutes after the final out. regular-Angels-Fare

The regular price for the Angels Express train is $7 round-trip, with discounts for seniors and riders with disabilities ($6), and children ages 6 to 18 years ($4). Children 5 and under ride free with an adult fare. angels-express-eventTwo events are planned for early April to kick off the rail and bus services, respectively. OCTA is hosting a pre-game rally at the Irvine Metrolink Station, 15215 Barranca Parkway, at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 4 to mark the beginning of Angels Express train service. The event will include free snacks, music and prizes. Angels Express trains will depart at 5:10 and 5:59 p.m.

To celebrate the start of the Angels Express Bus service, am event is planned for 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 8 at Goldenwest Transportation Center in Huntington Beach. The first 100 people will ride the Angels Express Bus for free. The first bus leaves at 5:15 p.m. – three buses will run to the stadium prior to the start of the game.

For more information, visit http://www.octa.net/angelsexpress.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. Images and logos are property of OCTA.